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The Basics / Information for members having difficulty signing in for any reason
« Last post by Alba on April 18, 2019, 03:28:51 PM »
If you are a member of TE and cannot recall your password, please use the 'forgotten password' facility on the log-in page.

If for some reason that does not work or if you have forgotten your user name or find you cannot log in for any other reason, please email admin (at)

Please DO NOT make a new application under either your current or previous user name or a different user name.  Please email us.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping TE to run smoothly.
« Last post by Alba on March 09, 2019, 01:57:08 PM »
We have updated the links in Barb's original post.
« Last post by Alba on February 23, 2019, 10:00:07 AM »
If you are a member of TE and cannot recall your password, please use the 'forgotten password' facility on the log-in page. 

If for some reason that does not work or if you have forgotten your user name or find you cannot log in for any other reason, please email admin (at)

Please DO NOT make a new application under a different user ID.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping TE to run smoothly.
« Last post by Alba on February 21, 2019, 01:50:14 PM »
If you have recently applied for membership of Transcription Essentials, please understand that although we aim to process all applications quickly, it is not always possible.  In the unusual event you have not received an activation email within a maximum of 48 hours, please email admin (at) with the details you entered on the application.

Please DO NOT make a further application.  That means do not make any application at all under any variation of your previous details or using different ones.  Please email us.

Note that if you do not provide a valid email address when you register, you will not receive the email containing the activation link, and your registration will not be successful.  Note also that the email may go into your spam or junk mail folder, so you will need to watch for it.

If you realise you made a typo in your email address when you applied to TE, please email admin (at) with your other application details.  Please DO NOT submit a further application under a new user name so that you can correct your email address.

Thanks for your cooperation in helping things to run smoothly at Transcription Essentials.
« Last post by Iliketotype on March 09, 2017, 10:38:43 AM »
This post expresses eloquently the whole purpose of Transcription Essentials.  We think this is so important that we are putting it here for you to read to understand what we are all about.

Im feeling blessed and grateful to be an independent contractor for CAS Associates! This represents my first reputable contract that is, one that meets the TE standard of pay and professionalism. To other newbies, like me, please stay encouraged.

Although TE is NOT a job board, I learned about this opportunity right here on TE. As a mid-life career changer, I must admit that I arrogantly submitted my resume as is in the beginning of my search for transcription contracts. My focus instead was on creating a customized cover letter. However, I was not getting responses from reputable companies. Thats because I was basically asking prospective employers/contracts to read between the lines of the work experience highlighted on my resume and pull out those transferable skills that would apply to transcription work.

Duh on my part! I wanted prospective contracts to do what I should have already done. :argh:

After taking a deep breath and reading the many posts on this forum, I ate some humble pie. I reworked my resume to include an objective along the lines of this: business writer transitioning from a successful career in communications to independent transcription. More importantly, my new resume highlighted anything relevant to transcription: typing speed; proficiency in English, grammar and punctuation; availability to do same-day turnaround; experience (although not extensive, but it still counts) with audio files with multiple speakers, accents and background noise; and so forth. It also now includes the transcription-related equipment and software I have, just as TE advises.

My new resume generated a positive response from what would eventually become my new contract after testing and vetting. Now I cannot stop cheesing!  :D :D :D

Thank you so much for this wonderful forum! TE is like a union of worker rights advocates and mentors, especially the way Alba and Barb and so many others ponce on ANYTHING that reeks of less-than-professional treatment of transcriptionists. On cloudy days, Elliria always brings the sunshine. And on those days I felt nervous and dispirited, the following thread was deeply encouraging, particularly the posts by JenVose and Jennie Ann:

I still have a way to go in transitioning to a full-time career in transcription, but I believe in the power of momentum. Things are turning around! They can for others who keep believing and learning and testing.

 :thanks:  :carrot: :banana3: :pineapple:
The Basics / REV, TRANSCRIBEME, CASTINGWORDS and similar low-paying companies
« Last post by Iliketotype on August 07, 2016, 07:36:40 AM »
The minimum pay recommended by Transcription Essentials is something equivalent to $60 an audio hour.  We absolutely do NOT recommend less than $1.00 an audio minute.

Unless you shouldn't be doing transcription because you lack the necessary skills, you should not be working with Rev or TranscribeMe or CastingWords or any similar low-paying company. 

If this offends you and you do not think you can do better, Transcription Essentials will not be a good place for you.  Please note that we have NO INTEREST in discussing this fact.  This is a private board.  We have our own place in the transcription world.  We intend to stay there.  Argument about why low rates are either okay or necessary is not welcome here.

« Last post by Admin on March 13, 2010, 03:46:13 PM »

If you have registered here before and cannot remember your username or password, please email admin at

Please DO NOT try to create a second username for any reason.  This is strictly against board rules, and if you do this your new application will be rejected and your first username will be banned.

Finding work

This board is NOT a board you can join to immediately find overflow work.  Access to the overflow folder for posting and for accepting overflow is restricted by post count. 

Is TE what you're looking for?

Question for you:  What is your purpose here?  Are you on TE to find a career (whether part-time or full-time) that will last or are you thinking this is another "work-at-home" resource to assist you in finding a quick job just to make your ends meet for a brief time?  If you are here for the former, you are in the right spot.  If you are looking for a demanding, challenging career in which you are continually striving to learn and improve your skills, then welcome to TE!  Come on in, pour a cup of coffee (or several), put your feet up and read away.

If you are here for the latter, looking for something quick to get by for now or to make a few dollars here and there, then there are other resources on the Internet better suited to your needs.  Or if you dislike grammar, punctuation, obsessive attention to every detail of the written word, another career track might be more suitable for you.  If you think that you can pop in here, just sit and type here and there and make some extra cash, you are wrong and will be better served elsewhere.

There is absolutely NO fast way to get into transcription without any training or experience whatsoever.  You can break into general transcription without schooling, but it takes hours upon hours of working to get to where you can make a living.  It may not require an investment of money like medical transcription, but what it doesn't require in money, it more than makes up for in its requirement of time and trouble.

We are not a site for people who are looking for something they can do at home.  We are here for people who do or want to do transcription because of the specific type of work involved in transcription:  grammar, spelling, research, reliability, deadlines, etc.  We are not trying to be exclusionary, but in the interest of saving time (for you and us), if you do not meet the criteria of the career-minded transcriptionist, please consult the resources below for more information geared towards what you truly seek.   Note that it is possible that from time to time any of the links below may become outdated.

Disclaimer:  We are not affiliated with any of the above websites.  We are only listing them as a means to aid you in your research in finding the proper career/job track for you.  As always, please do your research and NEVER pay for a job unless you can verify its legitimacy.  Probably only 1% (if that much even) of jobs require a fee and if you've researched, it's very clear which companies those are and that they are legitimate.

« Last post by Admin on March 13, 2010, 03:44:35 PM »
Please carefully read the other eight posts in this folder.

After reading those posts, if you still would like to apply for membership at Transcription Essentials, please do so.  Your application will need to be approved by board administration, and if it is approved you will receive an email containing instructions for activating your membership.  Once you have activated your membership you will have access to the rest of the board.**

Once you have access to the rest of the board, IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU START IN THE *****START HERE***** FOLDER.  That folder is called *****START HERE***** for a reason.  Please carefully read and consider the posts in that folder before examining the rest of the board.

Transcription Essentials is not a place for people with "silver platter syndrome."  If you just have a quick question you want answered, Transcription Essentials is definitely not the place for you. 

Transcription Essentials is also not a job board.  We do have lists of companies that contract with independent contractors who do transcription, but this is not a board on which you can come and post that you need work.

What Transcription Essentials IS is explained in the other two posts in this folder.  Please carefully read and consider them, and then if you still want to apply for membership you are most welcome to do so.

**Note that if you do not provide a valid email address when you register, you will not receive the email containing the activation link, and your registration will not be successful.  Note also that the email may go into your spam or junk mail folder, so you'll need to watch for it.

« Last post by Admin on March 13, 2010, 03:43:19 PM »
Hello, and welcome.  We have provided Guest access to this folder so that you might have access to the valuable information in these posts.

There is much more information available in other folders on this board.  Please read the REGISTRATION REQUIRED post before registering.  If you decide to register you will have access to that additional information and will be able to network with the other transcriptionists here.

The other folders on this board are:  Transcription Talk - General/Legal, Transcription Talk - Medical, Companies that hire General and Legal ICs, Companies that hire Medical ICs, Short-term Overflow, General Tips & Tricks, Ergonomics, Hardware Information, Software Information, Water Cooler and Lifestyle.

Our board members are ethnically, religiously, geographically and professionally diverse.  What has brought us together is our work in this industry.  Whether a board member is a retired professional, a free-spirited traveler, a stay-at-home mom or anything in between, the reasons our members do transcription vary widely.  We value this diversity.

We emphasize diversity because in the work-from-home arena many people assume that everyone who works from home or wants to work from home is like them in virtually every way.  This is completely untrue, and should you register for membership at TE we need you to remember that your posts will be read by ethnically, religiously, geographically and professionally diverse people, and not only by people like you. 

If you are new to transcription, the following is for you:

    * To apply with any company to do transcription, you need to strongly consider making a transcription-oriented (or at the very least a word-processing oriented) version of your resume.

    * If you are a real newbie to transcription, you need to practice.  There is a sticky with Sources for Practice Audio in the START HERE folder.

    * If you haven't yet downloaded Express Scribe (there is other transcription software that people use, but Express Scribe is free and is what many people use), go ahead and get that done.  You can practice using Express Scribe using hot keys.  You don't need to order a foot pedal to use Express Scribe.  Note:  If you fully believe you will be good at this, even if you are a brand new newbie, if you are GREAT at spelling and grammar and all the things mentioned in TRANSCRIPTION 101 in the START HERE folder, using a foot pedal is easier, but just know that if you order a foot pedal without having work, you're ordering a foot pedal without having work.

    * To do a good job, you do need headphones.  They do not have to be expensive.  You should use headphones even for your practice.

    * Bottom line:  If you are ready to go when companies starting accepting applications and testing, you will be in a much better position than if you hear that somebody is "hiring" and you have to go, "What? Huh? Wait, I'm not quite ready yet."

Good luck to everyone, newbies and not-so-newbies alike!  :happy0158: :happy0158: :happy0158:
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