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Welcome to Transcription Essentials!

Transcription Essentials is a community of transcription professionals who pride themselves on their commitment to excellence.

Whether you specialize in medical, legal or general, you will find valuable, relevant information that is useful regardless of your skill level. Register today to find out why we are the most comprehensive transcription resource on the web!

Plus, we have a great sense of humor!
February 23, 2019, 10:00:07 AM by Alba
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If you are a member of TE and cannot recall your password, please use the 'forgotten password' facility on the log-in page. 

If for some reason that does not work or if you have forgotten your user name or find you cannot log in for any other reason, please email admin (at)

Please DO NOT make a new application under a different user ID.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping TE to run smoothly.
February 21, 2019, 01:50:14 PM by Alba
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If you have recently applied for membership of Transcription Essentials, please understand that although we aim to process all applications quickly, it is not always possible.  In the unusual event you have not received an activation email within a maximum of 48 hours, please email admin (at) with the details you entered on the application.

Please DO NOT make a further application.  That means do not make any application at all under any variation of your previous details or using different ones.  Please email us.

Note that if you do not provide a valid email address when you register, you will not receive the email containing the activation link, and your registration will not be successful.  Note also that the email may go into your spam or junk mail folder, so you will need to watch for it.

If you realise you made a typo in your email address when you applied to TE, please email admin (at) with your other application details.  Please DO NOT submit a further application under a new user name so that you can correct your email address.

Thanks for your cooperation in helping things to run smoothly at Transcription Essentials.
March 09, 2017, 10:38:43 AM by Iliketotype
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This post expresses eloquently the whole purpose of Transcription Essentials.  We think this is so important that we are putting it here for you to read to understand what we are all about.

Im feeling blessed and grateful to be an independent contractor for CAS Associates! This represents my first reputable contract that is, one that meets the TE standard of pay and professionalism. To other newbies, like me, please stay encouraged.

Although TE is NOT a job board, I learned about this opportunity right here on TE. As a mid-life career changer, I must admit that I arrogantly submitted my resume as is in the beginning of my search for transcription contracts. My focus instead was on creating a customized cover letter. However, I was not getting responses from reputable companies. Thats because I was basically asking prospective employers/contracts to read between the lines of the work experience highlighted on my resume and pull out those transferable skills that would apply to transcription work.

Duh on my part! I wanted prospective contracts to do what I should have already done. :argh:

After taking a deep breath and reading the many posts on this forum, I ate some humble pie. I reworked my resume to include an objective along the lines of this: business writer transitioning from a successful career in communications to independent transcription. More importantly, my new resume highlighted anything relevant to transcription: typing speed; proficiency in English, grammar and punctuation; availability to do same-day turnaround; experience (although not extensive, but it still counts) with audio files with multiple speakers, accents and background noise; and so forth. It also now includes the transcription-related equipment and software I have, just as TE advises.

My new resume generated a positive response from what would eventually become my new contract after testing and vetting. Now I cannot stop cheesing!  :D :D :D

Thank you so much for this wonderful forum! TE is like a union of worker rights advocates and mentors, especially the way Alba and Barb and so many others ponce on ANYTHING that reeks of less-than-professional treatment of transcriptionists. On cloudy days, Elliria always brings the sunshine. And on those days I felt nervous and dispirited, the following thread was deeply encouraging, particularly the posts by JenVose and Jennie Ann:

I still have a way to go in transitioning to a full-time career in transcription, but I believe in the power of momentum. Things are turning around! They can for others who keep believing and learning and testing.

 :thanks:  :carrot: :banana3: :pineapple:

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