Just a reminder that if you have a problem with registration or receiving the activation email or you have applied twice in different names or you are already a member and cannot recall your user name or password or find you cannot log in for any other reason or any other version of those things, please email admin (at)

Please do NOT make a new application under a different user ID.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, it has become necessary to add this:

If you were a member previously and now find when trying to log in that your user name doesn't exist, despite the fact you have been visiting TE regularly over many years, that is because we believe that our community derives no benefit from long-term, non-active members, and we are in the process of culling our membership to reflect that.  It follows that no new applications will be approved from former members in this category, so please do not make them.

If anyone has any questions or feels that there is a special case to be made, then please do email either [email protected] or [email protected]

Thank you.


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