Please carefully read the other eight posts in this folder.

After reading those posts, if you still would like to apply for membership at Transcription Essentials, please do so.  Your application will need to be approved by board administration, and if it is approved you will receive an email containing instructions for activating your membership.  Once you have activated your membership you will have access to the rest of the board.**

Once you have access to the rest of the board, IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU START IN THE *****START HERE***** FOLDER.  That folder is called *****START HERE***** for a reason.  Please carefully read and consider the posts in that folder before examining the rest of the board.

Transcription Essentials is not a place for people with "silver platter syndrome."  If you just have a quick question you want answered, Transcription Essentials is definitely not the place for you. 

Transcription Essentials is also not a job board.  We do have lists of companies that contract with independent contractors who do transcription, but this is not a board on which you can come and post that you need work.

What Transcription Essentials IS is explained in the other two posts in this folder.  Please carefully read and consider them, and then if you still want to apply for membership you are most welcome to do so.

**Note that if you do not provide a valid email address when you register, you will not receive the email containing the activation link, and your registration will not be successful.  Note also that the email may go into your spam or junk mail folder, so you'll need to watch for it.


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