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Title: REV, TRANSCRIBEME, CASTINGWORDS and similar low-paying companies
Post by: Iliketotype on August 07, 2016, 07:36:40 AM
The minimum pay recommended by Transcription Essentials is something equivalent to $60 an audio hour.  We absolutely do NOT recommend less than $1.00 an audio minute.

Unless you shouldn't be doing transcription because you lack the necessary skills, you should not be working with Rev or TranscribeMe or CastingWords or any similar low-paying company. 

If this offends you and you do not think you can do better, Transcription Essentials will not be a good place for you.  Please note that we have NO INTEREST in discussing this fact.  This is a private board.  We have our own place in the transcription world.  We intend to stay there.  Argument about why low rates are either okay or necessary is not welcome here.