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Title: Membership Information for New Applicants and for Current or Past Members
Post by: Alba on February 08, 2020, 11:45:32 AM

If you have recently applied for membership of Transcription Essentials, please understand that although we aim to process all applications quickly, it is not always possible.  In the unusual event you have not received an activation email within a maximum of 48 hours, please email admin (at) with the details you entered on the application.

Please DO NOT make a further application.  That means do not make any application at all under any variation of your previous details or using different ones.  Please email us.

If you realise you made a typo in your user name or email address or you wish to use a different user name or email address, please email us with the details.  Please DO NOT submit a further application in an effort to make these corrections.  Multiple unexplained applications will not be approved.

Note that if you do not provide a valid email address when you register, you will not receive the email containing the activation link, and your registration will not be successful.  Note also that the email may go into your spam or junk mail folder, so you will need to watch for it.


If you are a member of TE and cannot recall your password, please use the 'forgotten password' facility on the log-in page.

If for some reason that does not work or if you have forgotten your user name or find you cannot log in for any other reason, please email admin (at)

Please DO NOT make a new application under either your current or previous user name or a different user name.  Please email us.


If anyone makes more than one application to join, either for the first time or when there is already a membership in place, all new applications will be rejected and the current membership withdrawn.

Everyone making an application MUST read the posts in this (THE BASICS) folder before doing anything else at all.

Transcription Essentials is not Facebook or any other social media platform.  It is a private board, and our approach to membership works differently.  We want the forum to run smoothly and safely for all which means we will not simply approve every application.  The practice of joining and leaving which is prevalent in FB groups will not happen here.  That, of course, does not mean that people can't reapply, but if you have ever been a TE member before, please email us first.

Our email door is always open for members or non-members who are experiencing membership or any other TE-related difficulties.

admin (at) or alba (at)

Thanks for your cooperation in helping things to run smoothly at Transcription Essentials.
Title: Re: Membership Information for New Applicants and for Current or Past Members
Post by: Alba on May 01, 2020, 01:55:54 PM
Addendum to this thread:

If you have already made a duplicate application, please email [email protected] and say so.  Or if you have been asked about your application, please reply to that email as soon as you are able.  That way any misunderstandings can be sorted out quickly.

I understand that people are finding it difficult at the moment and want to use all the resources available in an effort to keep working, but people's applications to join being held up while I email them to ask about it is not helping anyone. 

Thank you.
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