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Hello, and welcome.  We have provided Guest access to this folder so that you might have access to the valuable information in these posts.

There is much more information available in other folders on this board.  Please read the REGISTRATION REQUIRED post before registering.  If you decide to register you will have access to that additional information and will be able to network with the other transcriptionists here.

The other folders on this board are:  Transcription Talk - General/Legal, Transcription Talk - Medical, Companies that hire General and Legal ICs, Companies that hire Medical ICs, Short-term Overflow, General Tips & Tricks, Ergonomics, Hardware Information, Software Information, Water Cooler and Lifestyle.

Our board members are ethnically, religiously, geographically and professionally diverse.  What has brought us together is our work in this industry.  Whether a board member is a retired professional, a free-spirited traveler, a stay-at-home mom or anything in between, the reasons our members do transcription vary widely.  We value this diversity.

We emphasize diversity because in the work-from-home arena many people assume that everyone who works from home or wants to work from home is like them in virtually every way.  This is completely untrue, and should you register for membership at TE we need you to remember that your posts will be read by ethnically, religiously, geographically and professionally diverse people, and not only by people like you. 

If you are new to transcription, the following is for you:

    * To apply with any company to do transcription, you need to strongly consider making a transcription-oriented (or at the very least a word-processing oriented) version of your resume.

    * If you are a real newbie to transcription, you need to practice.  There is a sticky with Sources for Practice Audio in the START HERE folder.

    * If you haven't yet downloaded Express Scribe (there is other transcription software that people use, but Express Scribe is free and is what many people use), go ahead and get that done.  You can practice using Express Scribe using hot keys.  You don't need to order a foot pedal to use Express Scribe.  Note:  If you fully believe you will be good at this, even if you are a brand new newbie, if you are GREAT at spelling and grammar and all the things mentioned in TRANSCRIPTION 101 in the START HERE folder, using a foot pedal is easier, but just know that if you order a foot pedal without having work, you're ordering a foot pedal without having work.

    * To do a good job, you do need headphones.  They do not have to be expensive.  You should use headphones even for your practice.

    * Bottom line:  If you are ready to go when companies starting accepting applications and testing, you will be in a much better position than if you hear that somebody is "hiring" and you have to go, "What? Huh? Wait, I'm not quite ready yet."

Good luck to everyone, newbies and not-so-newbies alike!  :happy0158: :happy0158: :happy0158:
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